Jennifer Braxton

Young Adult Romance Author

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Barefoot Aphrodites

Summer camp can be a lot of fun, especially when you fall madly in love! Russ plans to kiss the girl of his dreams at camp, and boy does he ever. When he meets the beautiful Samantha on the bus ride to camp, it is love at first sight! Although they believe in staying virgins until married, Russ and Samantha grow closer and flirtier as camp goes on . . . until another young man comes on the scene! Barefoot Aphrodites: A Young Love Story is a sensitive romance for young teenagers who are thinking about love.
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Fall for Me

Twelve-year-old Waldo has an interesting summer ahead of him. He just discovered that he’s very different than everyone else—and not just because he’s in love.
Fall for Me is a coming-of-age paranormal love story.
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Finding Brad

Twelve-year-old Brad wants to find true love, but he’s picky about who he will date! He only wants to have a caring relationship with a very special girl. Will he find a girlfriend to care about, and one who will care about him?
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His Kiss

What could be worse? Vinnie has to visit his aunt for the summer and be far away from his friends. And this was the summer when he was sure he would get to kiss a girl for the first time! Then good luck comes his way: he meets Jenny, who is also twelve and the prettiest girl he’s ever seen! Vinnie is very much in luck, as Jenny likes him, too. But then Jenny’s tough ex-boyfriend enters the picture, looking for revenge and wanting his old girlfriend back. Will Vinnie keep Jenny and survive Decker’s wrath? His Kiss: A Young Love Story is a sensitive romance for young tweenagers thinking about love.
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